Founded in 1977 by Hacı Mustafa ÖZKAN and his sons, Yeşilhisar plastic industry has taken its place in the plastic sector with the production of barrels and cans on an area of 100 m2.In 1991, Kayplas Ltd.Şti. our company, which continues its path, started to make the first plastic products in the furniture market in 1988-1989, while serving the food, detergent and nylon packaging sector by using the developing and changing technologies of the day on site and on time.
Today, our company has pioneered the use of plastic, which is developing as a furniture and subsidiary industry sector. Our product pörtföyü consists of more than 500 varieties such as legs, gusset, protectors and other auxiliary products used in the production of sofas, sofa sets, bases and modular furniture.


It gives the necessary importance in R & D and design studies with its mold shop with ten machine parks and moldless model sticker technology, which we describe as prototyping.


Today, in an area of 18000 M2, 8250 m2 of which is closed in the Organized Industrial Zone, 170 employees continue to lead the sector with quality products and services with 65 various machine parks.